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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Toddlerese is a pretty rough language to translate. And don't even get me started on the dialects!! Luke's been saying 'Dada' for a long while, because the 'd' sound is an easy one to make, and we (Luke and I) talk about 'Dada' a lot. (Dada's a big jerk, isn't he? Dada smells bad. Dada needs a shower.) I'd be jealous, but then I asked Luke if he wanted to go home and see Dada last night. He was indifferent. I asked him if he wanted to go ride in Dada's truck. He ran to me excitedly shouting Dada's truck! Dada's truck! So it's not so much DADA as it is his TRUCK.

But now Luke does have a name for me. He calls me Mommy. Sort of. It comes out as ma-nee, like money with a strange little accent. ME! ME! I say to him. ME! ME! he shouts back.

Ma-MEE! I say.

MANEE! he quickly responds.

I look rich, eh?


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