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Thursday, September 14, 2006


My phone at work sucks (number 143 on the list of things I will not miss, which also includes peeing in a stall, scratchy paper towels, being threatened by forklifts, setting goals, talking to people about topics I don't give a rat's ass about, and eating crappy cafeteria food) ... uh, what? Oh, phone sucks. When people call me from outside the plant, I can hardly hear them. I typically explain this to them so they can spend the entire conversation shouting (this is a good method for keeping phone calls short). This morning I got a call, and I barely heard the caller say, "Good morning, this is ...., how are you?" and I said "I'm sorry..." (intended to be followed with, "I can't hear you very well.") And she said "Good! ...."

Huh. Good phone technique.


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