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Thursday, September 14, 2006


I have now fully entered the second trimester of pregnancy, and while I'm still mildly queasy, this is a queasy I can manage by eating. If I keep my stomach full enough everything will be fine, just keep your hands and feet away from my mouth.

Unfortunately, I am also incredibly stupid when it comes to "listening to my body" about how much I want to eat. If you have not been pregnant and experienced sudden, ravenous hunger, you may not understand. But basically I will be going about my business in a normal fashion and hunger pangs will come on indicating that I haven't eaten in twelve hours. In a normal person these grow progressively worse over time in a relational fashion - the longer you haven't eaten, the worse the hunger pangs. In my pregnant body I go from zero to starving in 4.2 seconds.

The problem being that I am not actually starving, and a granola bar or two could probably settle the issue, but here's where I'm stupid (and trying to get smarter). Rather then eat a granola bar, I'll eat half a pizza. Because that's how hungry I *thought* I was.

And surprisingly, 50 pounds last time.

The other challenge with the sudden hunger onset is that I am incredibly susceptible to random food commentary. Someone talks about pizza and I suddenly crave it beyond all reasonable craving. Dear God, I MUST HAVE THE PIZZA. Today, someone mentioned Chipotle in a blog, and I immediately thought YUM YUM!! Even though I have early onset heartburn. But mmmm, burrito.


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