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Thursday, October 12, 2006


There were a lot of things I was looking forward to being able to do when I stayed home. Like taking Luke to playdates, and working on the house, and even some cleaning. By the end of my third week home, I think I'm getting to where I thought I'd be eventually - I do a little cleaning, I do a little home projects, I take Luke some places, it's starting to balance. And my cleaning is getting better - I washed baseboards this morning, and scrubbed bathrooms yesterday. Soon I might not even be embarrassed if people stop by unannounced!

But I'm still avoiding things that I avoided when I worked. Like sorting clothes. I have to sort through all of Luke's clothes for winter (we got SNOW today. Like, SNOW, that accumulated on the ground and covered the grass!) because he shouldn't be wearing shorts anymore, and then I have to bring up my maternity clothes and swap out my unwearable non-maternity clothes, which, honestly, didn't all fit when I wasn't pregnant anyway. (That's one looong sentence... I should write better, or edit, or something. But guess what? I'm going to avoid that, too.)

I should clean up the basement, but really no one ever wants to do that, either. Even though Esposo has sort of been working on the attic and we shuold be able to move more things up there FROM the basement so that we can start working at finishing the basement. Basement basement basement.

And scrubbing the grout off the master bath floor? UUUUGH.

I did, however, spend thousands of dollars yesterday by ordering windows for the entire house. The house is drafty and cold and our windows suck big fat donkey balls, so we knew we'd have to bite this particular bullet soon. It was one of the reasons we were able to get this house, and mentally we budgetted the $30,000 under what we could have afforded towards furnaces and windows and other improvements. But then my cheapness takes over. Of course, I know that windows will save us a LOT of money on heating and cooling because our current windows are CRAP.

What was my point?


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