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Monday, October 02, 2006


This past weekend I took a trip out to Cleveland to see a friend, her husband, her house, and her dogs. It was Luke and I braving a normally 6 hour car trip. Just Luke and I. Me. And a 19 month old toddler who really likes to MOVE. Trapped in a car.

My first stoopid move was to take 90 through the city. Because I left at noon! 90 wouldn't be bad! Horse hockey. It sucked. For no apparent reason, then it got good through the city central, and then sucked down south again. I had to hit the brakes a lot, and poor Luke was sleeping in the car seat through this. With each brake his head would fall forward and he would lift it back into place. Over and over again.

We stopped three times on a trip that should require one, and each time Luke had to run around for awhile, ecstatic to be free from his seat. In Cleveland, we were able to have our own room and Luke disciplined their dogs (No doggie! No Doggie!) and completely wore out my friends. They napped on both Saturday and Sunday after our visit, and sweat through a visit to the Children's Museum.

The return trip on Sunday was more difficult, by the time we hit a last lunch stop around 3 central time, Luke was just sick of the car. He wanted to run, and I begged him to sit and eat his spaghetti and meatballs until a woman from Hardees took pity on me and brought us fries to get Luke to stay seated.

About half an hour from home Luke began saying "All done car. All done car." and I completely agreed!!! But we lived, and Esposo got a full weekend off.


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