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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Home Improvement

We bought our house with every intention to fix it up ourselves where we could. We've painted and put up crown molding, changed out closet doors and light fixtures, pulled out bushes and laid down sod, and our most ambitious project is our master bath, which is taking approximately 4,000 hours of work, spread out over 17 years. We're going to let Luke shower in there as a high school graduation present.

The biggest jobs, though, we're hoping to farm out a bit. Like the kitchen. And the basement. In anticipation of redoing the basement, Esposo is working in the attic above the garage. First, he's putting in some electrical wiring so that we can plug in more than one thing. Then, we were planning on putting in drop down stairs for easy attic access. In anticipation of this, Esposo stepped through the ceiling last night to provide a new location for the stairs. Er, uh, that wasn't *quite* on the agenda yet.

I have slightly more dexterity than Esposo when it comes to home improvement, but I think his major issue is that he uses force more than finesse. Esposo isn't a large lumbering ox, but sometimes you might think that, especially when he walks. i think that all that truly skilled craftsmen have is the ability to not make really bonehead mistakes like leaving drainpipes open and stepping through drywall ceilings. We're not really skilled craftsmen.


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