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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Driven Crazy

Esposo and I are fairly anal about the house. We notice little things and they drive us nuts until we finally get around to making them at least slightly better. We're not actually skilled enough to be as anal as we are about the house, so we will always be driven somewhat insane by minor imperfections.

One minor imperfection that annoyed us both was the crappy doorknobs throughout the house. Imperfect painters glopping paint on the edges, silver on one side and gold on the other, and just generally beat to all hell, we both noticed that the doorknobs sucked. Never mind the 1967 push button stove top, replace the doorknobs for God's sake!! We're not thinking that anyone coming to our house would notice these things... and so what if there are two enormous holes in the garage wall/ceiling - THE DOORKNOBS, MAN, THE DOORKNOBS!

So, anywho, today, I replaced all the doorknobs in the house with matching doorknobs. They are shiny and new (and gold, if you care). And now the only rooms that lock are the three bathrooms and our bedroom, which I think of as pre-emptively setting up my kids for search and seizure (though all home doorknobs are incredibly easy to open from the other side). This also means that Luke will only have four rooms to lock himself in rather than seven, and I'll be at less risk of hearing "OPEN! OOOOPPPPEEEENNNN!" from the other side of a door. Only, because my hearing sucks, I don't hear it for awhile, until I wonder what Luke is up to, and by that point he's been locked in a room for five or ten minutes and is hysterical.

I call this better parenting through home improvement.


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