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Monday, October 09, 2006


A group of ten women went away this past weekend to drink (except me) and not have to attend to runny noses, smelly butts, and early morning screams. Within an hour of all of us arriving at Esposo's family lake house, the talk had turned to s&x, s&x, and more s&x. In the realm of topics that came up was our 'Numbers'... as in, number of partners. Our answers ranged from 2 to 30ish, with my personal Number being somewhere between those.

After arriving home, I tried to mentally list my partners, and could only come up with 'Number - 1' names. Knowing I had written it all down in my college journal, I dug that up and flipped through some pages to find the missing name. And of course, encountered my sophomore year in full and glorious detail.

My sophomore year of college was -the- college year for me. I didn't have a boyfriend, could go out to the bars in my college town (one of the few places with a 19 entrance age for bars...), and I really lived it up. With dramatic results, of course. The pages from my sophomore year are filled with poetry and unrequited love, not to mention detailed event descriptions from parties and nights out.

After graduating college, which took five and a half years, I was really done with it. The people, the classes, the bars, it was all old hat for me and I wasn't interested anymore. Some people have said they would go back to college in a heartbeat, but I wasn't one of them. After reading through my sophomore year, though, I would go back. But only to that year, that specific period of time. Before I'd had a serious boyfriend and was really just figuring out who I was. THAT was a good year for me.

Which got me to think about what other periods of my life I would relive for a week if I could... certainly I would choose a time before my father was sick, perhaps the first few months of dating Esposo... and I'm betting that right now will be a time I'd choose in a few years. So, I'm off to live today with my screaming, teething, cranky son!!


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