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Saturday, October 14, 2006


It's 8:11 on a Saturday, and as soon as I finish typing this, I'm heading to bed. Yeah, I pregnant, and we also did a damn lot today. There was waking up - at 6:40, of course, because even though the kid didn't go to sleep until 9, he's set on a permanent before-7 wake-up call. To say that I'm "worried" about falling back is an understatement.

Then there was cleaning (me) and going to the store (Esposo) to prepare for today's big project - we tiled one wall of our shower! Only two to go! We followed that up with lawn mowning (Esposo) to pick up the leaves - which took a solid 2.5 hours - and fall clean up of the plant beds (me). I finally woke Luke up at 3:40 and we wandered up the road to the nearby pumpkin farm at 4 or so, where Luke refused to ride the ponies and tried to climb off the truck ride mid-motion.

We rounded out the day with a surprise visit from Nana, and now we're ready for bed. Well, Luke and I are, Esposo went off to a poker game. Crazy crazy man.


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