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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Last night's dreams were rather eclectic - Ellen DeGeneres decided to become a dentist and film it all, and all the mechanics on my previous jobs decided they would try to blow up and/or torture all the engineers. Er... okay.

(Segue) I don't know if you're watching the Nanny911 and Supernanny shows, but I appreciate them for the mirror they hold up to parents. Besides muttering and mocking that people are THAT stupid, the show very clearly shows you that kids get their bad habits from parents. So if you have rotten kids, take a look at yourself! In a pat-myself-on-the-back kind of way, Luke has really surprised me over the past few weeks with his consistent and appropriate use of 'Thank you'. So apparently we're more polite 'round dese here parts than previously noticed... we apparently also scream and run at random, since Luke does a heck of a lot of that, too.

(Segue) I am trying to watch a few new shows this season, and it's been challenging, since most of my shows are hour long drama-esque type things. It's easier to cram in 18 minutes of episodic comedy, but there's not much of that out there. By far, though, my favorite new addition to television is 'Studio 60'.


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