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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Toddler Police

Luke watching children climbing a tree at the park: "That's not for kids, that's for birds!" Later, Jake, who's about the same age as Luke, went over to the tree and sternly commanded "Down!"

Luke, driving home from the park: "No Mommy one hand, TWO hands!" ... commenting on the fact that I did not have both hands on the wheel. I can't wait to hear "12 AND 3, 12 AND 3!!" from the back seat.


Valerie Bertinelli is Jenny Craig's new spokesperson. She wants to lose 30 pounds and is a size 14. The average woman in America is a size 12. Kirstie Alley looks to be about a size 14 in those commericials, and she's wearing slinky skin tight clothing - and she's looking good, I think, however freakin' annoying she is. But Valerie is wearing a muumuu shirt! WTH! There is no need for that other than to emphasize her weight (says the woman who is wearing a prgnancy shirt today so there's a LOT of extra room in the belly)


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