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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Goodbye Newborn, Hello Infant

We shifted Courtney down to the crib in her bedroom on Sunday night, after I had spent hours and hours Saturday night being woken up by her soft whimper-grunts. We had also gotten into the habit of nursing in bed, which wasn't bad EXCEPT for the fact that we would both fall alseep after she had finished only one boob. She would wake up and hour and a half or two hours later and we would shift to the other side. This was not going well for my 'consecutive hours of sleep requirement'.

So down the hall she went and now we're sleeping better, she actually has to get her scream on to get fed (rather than simply vaguely whimpering), and because she is still wonderbaby even though she's been torturing me by doing her long stint of not eating from 7 AM to noon or some such nonsense, she goes right back to sleep most times after I feed her.

I'm not particularly *sob*sob*where'd the time go? yet, but it does seem amazing to me that we go in for her two month appointment today. I keep thinking 'with Luke, I would be going back to work next week'. And I wasn't breastfeeding still. And I think I had more than eleven pounds left to lose (which, WHEE! Finally broke through the plateau in fantastic form. Of course, I'm starting to work out harder).


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