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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Super Cool!

Recently, or soon, I don't know which, Tulsa celebrated it's 50th aniversary by digging up a car they had buried in town. In the car the 1957 Tulsa-ans (Tulsans?) included the contents of a typical woman's purse. What was in there? Tranquilizers! Ah, the 50's... no wonder everyone remembers it as such an idyllic time, they were stoned out of their minds.

Today I feel like a throwback to those happy pictures of women and their home appliances (NO! Not that kind of appliance, you sicko!). See, our washing machine broke last week and we bought a new one. In line with our be-more-enviromentally-friendly theme, we bought a front loader. Uses less electricity and less water. Saves us money, too! Costs twice as much as a standard top loader, but hey, we throw money around like water here and I'M OKAY WITH THAT. AM. OKAY. REALLY. STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT.


But I've been "playing with" the washing machine. You know, by using it to wash clothes. Wild and wacky stuff! It is really phenomenal. Our last washing machine, in what was its slow spiral of death, had I bothered to think harder about the washing machine (SLACKER! What kind of stay at home mother doesn't SPEND TIME ANALYZING HER WASHING MACHINE?!? God, I SUCK!) was incredibly bad at spinning out the rinse water. I would often have to rerun the spin cycle to get a LOT of the water out. And when it died, it died on the spin cycle. I thought about having it repaired, but when I read the serial number to the repair place and they told me that it was 14 years old, I decided new would be a better fix than a patch job on a crappy washer.

Which is when I went a-huntin' for a new washer. And we got the front loader. Oh, she's a sweet machine. The buttons are shiny. The lights are bright. The child lock doesn't lock the power button, which is a big shiny button off to one side that is the FIRST one Luke hit when he saw the machine. Stupid design. But still, sweet machine.

The clothes come out of the machine SO MUCH dryer than the old washer. Tshirts, which used to take 80 minutes or more in my dryer to be fully dry took 60 minutes and could possibly take less. That means I'll save money running my dryer less, too!

I just wrote an ENTIRE blog entry about my washer.

Where's my poodle skirt and tranquilizers?


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