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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Today we're headed into the doctor for Courtney's four month check up, never mind that it's closer to five months now, they were late with one appointment (because THEY didn't have any openings!) and now it seems that our appointments will forever be skewed. Which is upsetting for me for my scrapbooking because how big was she REALLY at four months? Now I will only have 3.5 months and 4.5 months and I will have to extrapolate her four month length and weight.


Courtney, fortunately, has no medical problems, and pretty much every day I spend a few minutes thinking "This is it, this is the good time! No one is sick, Esposo likes his job, I like staying home, our mothers are healthy, our children are happy!" and I try to hold onto this feeling. So you have to realize that I'm also waiting for the other shoe to drop at any point, because that's how life is. Happy!

Back to the point - Courtney. She's developed her little habits along with her personality over the past month or two, one being that she sucks on her bottom lip with a vengeance. Esposo looked at her and said 'I do that...' so it's not enough that she's his clone, now she has his mannerisms! She shares one other thing in common with him, too, and that's a growth on her head. It's a small bump above her left eye that the doctor said is merely a cosmetic issue.

When I first met Esposo he had a strange bump next to his eye on his nose, where your glasses would rest. After we had been dating a little while, I asked him about it, and he said it had just shown up one day a few years earlier. And he never thought much about it. Me, weird lump shows up on my face, I'm getting it checked out. Not Esposo.

At some point, Esposo and I were goofing around wrestling (which always leads to me getting hurt) and he claims I hit the growth with my nail. Which REALLY PISSED IT OFF. It got HUGE. And RED. And hurt, apparently. So he went to the doctor, and they told him it was a sebaceous cyst, popped it, and yanked the icky insides out. And that was the end of the odd bump.

Now Courtney has one of these things. It's not large, and I only occasionally get questions about what happened to her head, so it's not high on my list of things to 'deal with'. I think that as her head grows, the cyst will look smaller, right? Except last night I had a flash forward to pre-teen self hatred with her yelling at me about how I don't love her because I never had her bump removed.

I'm thinking I'm going to ask the doctor today about removal cost (does insurance cover it or is it too cosmetic?) and what the procedure would entail.


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