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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Status: Lost

You know your life has hit a sad sad point when you are excited to go to the grocery store alone, wandering the aisles and meandering about... which I did tonight. I was able to look at things and go up and down every aisle, which is good because they changed the store layout a bit recently and I'm still trying to locate everything.

Since I've been following sales and really trying to find good deals, the store has been pissing me off. Their little tiny signs and 'select varieties only' shit. Picture a frumpy looking 30 year old peering closely at 2 inch by 2 inch signs to see where it says which damn varieties are selected.

And my reuse the bags challenge was STILL lost without the two year old because they are so focused on moving you through quickly that you can't get a word in... and the cashier was pissy at the end of her shift (which I totally get) and unthrilled with my cheap-o ways. At least I got a bag o' bags into the recycling bin there.


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