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Monday, July 23, 2007


Each time I look to find a new project in living a greener life, I have to research and mull for weeks. What do I need to do it? What will the drawbacks be? How much work will be involved? It took me probably 4-6 months to go from thinking about cloth diapers to using them, during which time I wasted money and added to Luke's personal trash mound. (kicking self)

I actually read about indoor composting many years ago, but never did anything with it. I'm coming closer to getting a bin full of worms to eat our organic trash, especially as Esposo and I are upping out fruit and vegetable intake. I would really like to compost in our backyard in a heap, but our yard layout makes that impractical and probably rude. Our entire yard can be seen from the street, and two other yards back up to ours. We have a low chain link fence, and no discreet corner in which to compost. I do believe in being a good neighbor!

But I have a mental block when it comes to moving a bin of worms into my house, even if it is only into the garage or the basement. I mean, worms. Living in my house. Eating my garbage and the dog's poop (I have to have two bins to accomplish this - one for poop, one for food scraps). It just sounds... unpleasant.

On the 'non environmentally evil cleaners' issue, I used vinegar and water to wash several windows and glass throughout the house. It's SO much better than windex/ glass cleaner! I streak the hell out of glass with standard issue glass cleaner, but with vinegar, not such problem! Why don't we all use this?


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