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Friday, July 13, 2007

Quotes of the Toddler

As I am sitting at the Computer, Luke enters the room with one arm out of his shirt and no pants.

"This doesn’t look right." he says, inspecting himself.
Patting his shirt "This is a kayak. I am supposed to be naked."
I help him finish taking off his shirt, he leaves.

A few minutes later he returns, wearing one of my bras around his neck.
"I am all dressed up, Mommy."

This morning we cuddle in bed in an attempt to get a few more moments of quiet time. Courtney sits on my chest, the dog lays next to me with her nose in my ear and Luke sits between them, an arm slung around the dog and his sister.
"I love you, Snow!"
"I love the baby!"
"I like you, Mommy."


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