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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


We spent the last week at Esposo's family lake house, which was fun and exhausting and a whole lot of people in not a whole lot of house. Which is supposed to be okay because everyone spends a lot of time outdoors, but by Sunday I was fried to a crispy brown and done with other people. Last night when I went to the grocery store was the first time I had been alone in 12 days.

The lake is a fabulous place for the kids, and Luke went out on the boat and enjoyed it. Luke is not the most adventurous child, so it was difficult to get him on the boat in the right mood, but once we finally did, and he was with his cousins, he had a great time. There were seven cousins up there, from 4 month old Courtney to 7.5 year old B, the first time they'd ALL had a chance to hang out.

There's a problem with having a four month old and going on a boat, mostly that she'd be screwed if there was an accident, since she can't hold her head above waves. The boat we use up there is about 30 years old, the lake is calm, etc etc, but I still have a nightmarish vision of Courtney slipping under the water. It's not as bad with Luke since he's more self sufficient, but if I could put him in three or four life jackets, I would.

Yesterday was a rough first day back on the home front, and I spent some time surfing the internet. I clicked on a link, then that link, then that one, and ended up looking at the pictures of Katrina's storm surges and flood aftermath. Which led to a very involved dream about being in a coastal city as a hurricane approaches. In the dream, I was able to get some clear pictures of the oncoming storm, and save my children from waves that flooded the tall building we were in by standing on a couch and holding them up. Thank God for that couch.


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