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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


So it's 94 degrees again. Maybe there is something to this global warming after all? I love when people start disproving global warming in the middle of winter because Hey! It's COLD outside! Global warming is a crock!

Methinks you need to read a bit more on the premise, dipwad.

That also goes along with the 'Hey, we never wore helmets/seatbelts/licked electrical wires and we survived.' train of thought. Yeah, except for the kids who died. Which brings me to the mental pain of liking country music and hating the viewpoints expressed on our country music station and in some country music. What's the scout motto? God, family, country? Or something like that... anywho, these are the people who got all PO'd about the Dixie Chicks hatin' W. Went against the 'love thy country' thing. When I do tune in during the DJs discussion, my brain frequently pours smoke out my ears as it burns burns burns. It's hard being a leftist country music lover.

Again, hot here today. The problem with hot weather and infants is DEAR GOD I DO NOT WANT TO NURSE THIS CHILD. My boob is already sweating, the kid is sweating, we have to get all close a snuggly to nurse? ugh.


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