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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

That was not Helpful

I turned on the air after a sweaty, sticky nursing session, knowing that my insane need to live air conditioner free is not shared by Esposo and he'll be wicked happy to have it on when he comes home, especially since he biked the five miles to the train station today.

Stupidly, I didn't really set the temperature, and after feeling not significantly cooler, I went to check and found the temperature set at 83. Which was still better than it had been, but NOT VERY COOL.

I also must be doing something right in this parenting thing because Luke turned off Diego and was playing with his toys (he did not nap today, despite near exhaustion, but he had a nice quiet time - two hours worth). Then he played with playdoh for the first time. We had taken it out before but he never PLAYED with it, not seeming to get it until today.

I'm not saying my son may be overly right brained, but he yells at me that there's no singing or dancing in the car, rarely colors, likes to 'finger'paint only with cars, and just figured out what a fun mess playdoh is. The creative side of this child just may be a dormant little slug.

He'll make a great actuary!


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