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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


With Esposo off for a week, and only having, you know, Thanksgiving to deal with in that week, Monday (yesterday) was a day o' appointments. First there was the dentist, who has a nice TV in his procedure room but sadly, no cable, so I watched Oprah (I am not an Oprah watching kind of woman) and then he drilled out pretty much my entire tooth in prep for an onlay. Actually, he drilled out my fillings from that tooth, not any tooth.

Then there was Courtney's third (THIRD!) appointment with a doctor about removing her little dermoid cyst. I hope he didn't mind that I didn't pay all that much attention to him because I think I have all the info I need, now can you take it off before the end of the year, please?

And finally, Snow had her first training session (just at PetSmart) and it was taught by a nineteen year old who used the phrase "like totally whatever" in absolute seriousness. Fortunately I didn't have high expectations for the class, I just wanted Snow out and about and meeting other dogs. There are only two other dogs in the class, a large, rangy 1 year old German Shepherd (Buster), and a hyper beagle/sharpei mix with an obvious nutsack (Wrigley) - both male. They played despite a big size difference, and Buster didn't even mind when Wrigley began eagerly humping his face.

Snow tried to sneak over to both dogs occasionally and ended up snapping at them both. Which is one of the problems I hope that this class helps with, her nervousness and fear around new dogs.

When we got home she race up to the office to lay down because OHMYGOD THAT WAS EXHAUSTING, which is another benefit I wanted to get out of the class - if she gets more stimulation I expect her to be happier and less needy in general.

Today our appointment is only with the DirectTV installer, which makes me happy. Especially since I don't have to take dog or child anywhere and there are no drills involved. At least not drills used on me.


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