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Sunday, November 18, 2007

One Project Becomes Ten

We've been living in this house for just over three years now, and we haven't gotten nearly as much done and I had thought we would. Some of that is budgetary and some of it is child-tary. They tend to suck away the time you have for projects.

But Esposo has this week off, so it was going to be dedicated to the basement! Onward, ho-ward, get that basement done! But then he has to call a guy about the HVAC, and you know, we really need to upgrade the insulation in the attic, especially with gas prices rising, so let's do that quick project.

But if we blow in all this insulation in the attic, we won't be able to access the ceilings as well to install lighting in the center of each bedroom, so let's do that project.

And you know, those stupid styrofoam fake beams in the dining room really need to come down just because they are DAMN ugly. It has nothing to do with the basement OR the attic, but I got tired of looking at them and needed my own project. (I don't 'do' electricity)

So today Esposo installed a light in the office and a ceiling fan/light in Luke's room. Esposo has a thing about lighting, in that he wants it to be as bright as the sun at all times. I prefer to operate mostly with one dim bulb in the corner, so our lack of lighting never bothered me. It really got to Esposo when we had people over for Courtney's baptism and there was no! overhead! light! in the dining room. Like we're all so pretty that we need to see each other that clearly?

Now that Luke's room has a light on the ceiling, I could remove the floor lamp, which I was worried about from the toppling over on the toddler perspective. We can put it in the dining room so there will be three lights in there, and Esposo can blind me.

We haven't done a darn thing on the basement yet.


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