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Friday, November 16, 2007


I signed Luke up for a Parents Day Out program yesterday - he will go to a classroom alone for four hours one day each week, and I will have four hours with just Courtney and me. I am very excited about this. Luke is excited about going to 'school'. And yet, I still had anxious dreams last night about trusting him to the school (who at least three other people I know also use, so there is no reason not to trust it!). And Luke went to daycare for the first year and a half, so you think I'd remember dropping him off and it being okay. But it's still new and still scary.

Courtney surprised us last night by deliberately placeing her blocks into the holes on the IncrediBlock. It was such a struggle for her, as she was laying on her belly and reaching up holding these blocks that are almost too big for her hands. But she kept doing it. Screw infancy, this is where the fun begins.

Also - remember that the solutions that are best are simplest. After a week of nose wiping, Courtney's face and nose were quite chapped. I put vaseline on her a couple times yesterday and her face is back to being soft and cute!

I finally lined up a decent survey for $ - usually I get quickie $10 deals - and they had overbooked. Don't worry, though, that meant I still got my money WITHOUT DOING THE SURVEY!


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