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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Leader, Follower, or Independent

I am always wondering what kind of personality my kids will have when they are a bit older, and what their school days will be like. My own were a mix because of frequent moves, and looking back at elementary school, I would say I was an 'independent' mostly, but I also frequently took the role of 'leader' in my close friendships. Later I definitely leaned more independent.

Luke seems to be following the same path, or so I thought. I certainly wasn't pegging him for leader, especially compared to some other children I've seen, who collect an orbit of admirers without even looking at them. But lately, Luke's leadership qualities have been coming out in a rather odd way.

He's been getting all his friends to take their clothes off.

It started when he and his friend Nuit (haha! Name changed!) were playing upstairs while the mommies were downstairs. We called up 'what are you guys doing?' and Nuit answered "We're just naked." Indeed they were, down to their underwear. Pictures were taken...

Later that week there was simple belly exposure from three boys (Luke included, of course) at a playgroup. Apparently growling was involved with the lifting of the shirt. More pictures...

At a third playgroup Luke was playing with one friend and told him to remove his shirt, same thing at a fourth playgroup with a different boy. And the kids do! I'm desperately curious as to what Luke is saying to these kids, I'm guessing it's as simple as 'You should take off your shirt.', because kids rarely need more incentive to get nekkid. But still, Luke is flexing his persuasive and leadership powers, one shirt at a time.

There is Esposo's family story of Oldest Brother convincing Middle Brother (Esposo is Youngest Brother, FYI) to ride down the street on his Big Wheel. Naked. I should keep an eye on Courtney...


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