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Monday, March 03, 2008

There's A Reason I Don't Share

We had some people come in to give us a quote on our kitchen remodel. And oh! The quote is high. It is many dollars, but it involves a lot more than simply replacing cabinets and appliances, it involves moving walls and covering up our giant wall o' brick fireplace. In involves all new electrical, a sliding glass door, and putting real, true, hardwood floor in half my downstairs.

Usually I don't share numbers with people. What I make, what I owe, what we bought something for. It's just not a good plan, there's always some aspect of competition or 'deal making' or something stupid. I don't like talking money and I don't like when other people talk money. I can presume someone is 'wealthy' or 'not wealthy' without having to know the details, and occasionally, when I find myself turning a bit green at something someone else has, related to money, I ask myself "Do I want their life?" Always, always, the answer is no.

But, Esposo shared the numbers and so I went against my usual thoughts. And shared other numbers.

Can I take it back? Because, dude, other people are flipping out about the numbers. They want to tell me how to 'do it cheaper' or give me their guys (literally, three people have offered up their 'guys'). Maybe if we had made some huge financial mistakes in the past I could see this. But we are so. freaking. conservative.

The people we like? They have a project plan. With bullet points. I like bullet points. This is half my house! My kitchen we are ripping out! No 'guys'.


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