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Friday, April 18, 2008

The Garage Sale

The Mommies, or The Coven, as one husband dubbed us, all got together for a garage sale this weekend. Pooling the crapload of toys from 20 (TWENTY) households on my very busy through street has paid off in spades. We made (wait for it)

$1500. In a DAY. So you can picture the selling that was going on and the number of people we had, right? Because it was FREAKING CRAZY. Garage sales bring out the crazy people more so than anything else, and they were definitely there.

First off, don't haggle with me at 8 AM *before the scheduled start of the sale*. I mean, dude, we haven't even technically OPENED yet. I'm not giving you a deal.

Then there's the "I don't speak English" haggler. Two fifty, I say. "2?" she says, with a giggle. Two fifty, I say, and giggle back. I'm getting better at working the sales with my age and wisdom.

Then there are the oddballs, like the woman who engaged me in conversation about her daugher's autism and lack of social skills, which, not to be rude, she clearly got from her mother. I feel for the socially challenged, but I simply had to figure out an escape. She had, apparently, decided I was her new best friend.

We think perhaps one thing was stolen today, though we had an overage in our funds, so perhaps not. Too many people working the sale and too many people chatting combined with 1,001 shoppers.

I'm curious to see what Day 2 brings!


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