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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My front lawn

I have frequently told people I used to live on six acres of land in rural

Well, this was my house.

See that driveway? It loops on the "left", also known as the "bottom" because the hill is quite steep. Our sledding would start "above" the house (in the picture), veer down across the left lawn and across the driveway to the bottom.

If you look below the house you will notice a stand of trees apart from the other trees. Those are Christmas trees that we planted in 1987, my father's idea of a cash crop.

Behind the house (to the right, that is) you can see the woods that we would just walk back into to go for a hike.

Edited to add: This Google aerial view is quite addictive.

(I actually had to google my friend's address because I didn't remember our address off hand, but I just looked for the park we would ride our big wheels through and yes, there's Franklin Hill Drive, that's the old road!)

First through Third grade

The above link was 4th-6th grade.

Junior High and High School was spent here

I must say, particularly from above, the New Jersey shots are the prettiest, right? All the trees and greenery, houses are far apart. I don't wonder why I take offense when people put down New Jersey - what I saw of it was beautiful.

Also, thank God I didn't have access to this type of mapping as a kid or my hiking from the Vernon house (the one that started all this) would have been even stupider. I can now SEE how I could have gotten to my friend Amanda's house and GUARANTEE I would have done it. I tried a few times but didn't quite know the angle to go.


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