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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I just added a new link - Suburban Turmoil - to my list on the right, and so far I'm quite pleased with what I've been reading. Particularly her recent post with how she hates her dog, because our dog is a complete and utter moron. She's desperately needy, steals food, and pees in my house. I don't like her. But yet, I keep trying. I'm taking her for more walks and she's spending more time in the backyard with the kids and I. Not that she appreciates that AT ALL. After half an hour or so, she's desperate to go back inside and sleep under the computer desk.

I had left her in the backyard alone for ten or fifteen minutes yesterday, because we have a problem with ducks. I don't think most people have problems with ducks, but we have such a large pool of water from our sump pump exit hose that this duck couple thinks it's a pond. They're nice to see and all, and I find it particularly hysterical how the mallard is very protective - after all, he's a DUCK, what's he going to do to fend off attack? - but I do NOT want ducklings in my backyard.

So, I've been encouraging the dog - who is a BIRD DOG, by the way, so this is her very INSTINCT - to go out and chase away the ducks. Except she is apparently so non-intimidating that WHILE she was hanging out in the backyard, the ducks landed in their "pond".


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