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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Long Walk

I didn't use the car at all yesterday, but then I screwed that all up by driving 15 miles out to a far away suburb to look at carpet. Between all the stops and such I probably put 35 miles on the car today and I'm not. done. yet.!

But I did walk to Luke's school to pick him up, which was a 25 minute walk there and 35 minutes back. Why so much longer back, you ask? Or perhaps you have children and you aren't asking that question because you know that I didn't have Luke on the way there but I did on the way home. And you know that on a long ish walk with a three year old there is infinite getting into and out of the stroller and switching seats and dropping things and putting feet on wheels and oh. my. god. That makes it a long long walk.

But overall the walk went well and I learned that there is a safe bike route with the trailer so I can save us 6 miles or $1.20 a week by biking and walking to the school. And for some reason I LIKE little calculations like that.

Our basement is moving along at a nice rapid pace - all the drywall is up and they are mudding and taping now. We're pricing out flooring.


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