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Monday, May 12, 2008


Now that the weather is nicer and gas is $47,839.67 a gallon, I have instituted "Nocarday", which means one day a week I will not use the car at all. I'm hoping that I can actually get to two "Nocardays" a week. I haven't joined the chidren's museum or the zoo because the additional cost of driving 10-25 miles to get there makes the total cost per visit too high for me. But, it lowers the cost per visit of nearby play places.

As you may have followed, Nocarday is not the same thing as Stayhomeday. Right now Nocarday is Monday, when we have soccer at the nearby (half a mile) park district, followed by playing at the park for a good 45 minutes.

But then I decided, hey, I need one small thing (spray paint) from the hardware store! It's only 1.7 miles away... and so we biked, me and two kids (60ish pounds plus trailer). Now THAT is one heck of a workout! And per my calculations, I saved $0.60 by not using the car for that trip :)


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