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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Haves vs Have Nots

I mentioned to my SIL today that I was trying to get off of using the double stroller completely in the next month or two. "You won't do it." she scoffed, as she leaned over and put all her weight behind pushing her 3 1/2 year old and 6 month old in the sit and stand stroller she uses. Luke walked along side the blue Graco Quattro I've had since he was a baby. A single stroller, but still with a basket beneath for storage and pretty durable. I didn't say I was moving to an umbrella stroller, after all (though I am eyeing those maclarens and combis!)!

If I think about my mom-friends, I can pretty easily categorize them into strollers and non-strollers. There are those who have their children walking alone as often as possible and those that keep them strapped in as often as possible.

I would think I'm somewhere in the middle - I don't think weaning my very active, never napping, three year old from riding in a stroller to the park or the store is overly ambitious. If I were trying to do that with a two year old it would be far more difficult. But I don't like containment and I do like self sufficiency, so we are working on cutting off the stroller completely.


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