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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Please Come Back, Brain

I woke up at 5:30 or so this morning, because I think that's the time I usually wake up and shove my head into the pillow and squeeze my eyes shut and try to pretend I can ever get back to sleep. I love the feeling of laying in bed not having to get up, and sometimes I pretend I'm sleeping the morning away until 8 or even 9 o'clock. Aaaaahhh. And then when I get up it's 6:30. WTF??

This morning I was having a hard time with the pretend sleeping and ignoring the world, instead running through what we have to do today, first and foremost being that I need to call Firestone about what tire they need to put on my car. I've replaced tires on my car a few times, and each time they say "Well, we have two tires for your car, this one costs $130 (installed), and this other one costs $170 (installed)"

What's the difference, I ask...

"Well, the $170 has a white line on the outside."

Who gives a crap about a white line on their tire, SERIOUSLY?

Anywho, so I was going through the need to call and get the tire installed, specifying the non-white-line kind, and hoping I didn't throw away the coupon for Firestone, which I'm 99% certain I did because we don't need any car stuff done, when I finally decided to get out of bed because I wasn't going back to sleep at all.

I went into our bathroom and looked out the window at our driveway front lawn and immediately thought "Holy Crap! Where's my car?!!?"

pause... pause...

Oh right, at Firestone. The whole tire thing. That you were JUST THINKING ABOUT 2MINUTES AGO.

I blame the children.


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