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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mama Needs Some Alkymahol

Also, a day or two AWAY from children. Also, a child who poops. Because even though he's on laxatives daily, he hasn't pooped since Saturday. It's Tuesday. POOOOP.

The computer has been moved to the basement office, and an interesting side effect of this is that I can now hear the children moving around upstairs, so I know when they head into the kitchen or upstairs. Considering I'm hearing-impaired, they stomp pretty loudly. I can not hear them going into the 'magic cabinet' (art supplies), pulling out the markers and paint, and coating each other and themselves, though. I can hear crying and whining.

This is Week Four of Esposo working late, and it was supposed to be done last week. The children have not been particularly obnoxious or difficult, in fact they've been mostly well behaved - markers and paint not withstanding. HOWEVER, THIS Mommy is just a little tired of the wake up routine and the bed time routine and all the hours in between routine. And THIS mommy would like to jet off to Vegas for about 48 hours and then have 24 or so hours of intravenous fluids to flush out the alcohol and sleep.

And most sadly, our planned Weekend Without Children has been messed up, so now we have to re-plan a Weekend Without Children. This is our FIVE YEAR celebration of marriage (in September, but two weekends is a bit much to expect), so I'd like to do something fun, with beer.

Do I sound like an alcoholic? I guarantee I am not, since I never get to drink, but I am one of those people who thoroughly enjoys becoming a happy, obnoxious idiot while drunk. What could be more fun than being happy and silly and giggling? Nothing. Please give me beer and child care.


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