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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Up North

We just got back from spending a weekend 'up north', which is what a great deal of Chicagoans call Wisconsin. Also Michigan. Possibly Minnesota, too. Or Canada. Really, anyplace that we go regularly that is north of us. It was a long week, and a good one. There are stories and exhaustion and beer. One of my favorites revolves around Luke, of course.

Luke learned recently to use "Shut up". We told him in unequivocable terms that he was NOT permitted to use that phrase, and use thereof would result in the loss of a car EACH TIME he said it. He got the message loud and clear and quickly found other ways to get it across that he would like you to, uh, shut up.

When his cousins came up (they are 6 and 3), all three of them slept up in the loft at the lake house. My MIL (Grandma) slept there as well, keeping them in line or something. My three year old nephew woke up and went to find his parent's room. Luke woke up as well, but my MIL convinced him that he needed to be quiet and stay in bed since everyone else was sleeping.

And then she dozed off. And started snoring.

Luke took this as an affront to the directions he was just given and loudly proclaimed "SILENCE!", and she woke up to him glaring at her.

German much, kid?


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