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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Not Speaking the Same Language

The dynamics of two children is a wonderful thing, even if there is screaming about her taking a puzzle piece or him ripping a toy out of her hands, even if heads bonk and we have to learn NOT TO WRESTLE WITH A ONE YEAR OLD. I love love love having two children and could not vaguely imagine only one. Which is really good, because dude, am totally stuck with two kids, there's no return policy.

Courtney seems a bit slower to talk than Luke, but is much more frequent about generally babbling nonsensical phrases. Well, maybe they mean something to her, but to the rest of us, it's just "Aahbadadeeeeeee!!" This is very reflective of personality, because Luke talked more when he could actually say words, there wasn't much babbling, and he has only started drawing a bit more because he can make the pictures look like something. Courtney is content to scribble a mess and then hand it to me as art.

We've been checking out Spanish DVDs for Luke to watch (and Courtney, as she passes in and out of the TV area, she is not nearly as enthralled with television - GOD these KIDS and their DISTINCT PERSONALITIES!) so he's starting to pick up a bit and ask what this is in Spanish, or that, or tell me that he has a primo, Brendan.

They sat in the desk chair this morning, happily together side by side, and Courtney said "Aah ba bee doooooo!!"

Luke looked at her quizzically and asked me "What did she say in baby Spanish?"


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