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Friday, August 15, 2008

Two Weeks, Four Days

The countdown to the start of Three Year Old preschool has begun - or as Luke prefers to call it "Three and a Half Preschool". What would he say if he knew they let in mere THREE year olds!??!

We received a packet from the school asking us about our kids and their home lives, which I filled out and brought in late (good impression maker = me). It asked us what we hoped the kids would get out of preschool - I dunno, how about BEING AWAY FROM ME FOR AWHILE?

We received another letter from the teachers, clearly meant to be read to the kids, about how much fun they would have in preschool. This was accompanied by a letter for the parents, warning us not to tell the kids that they would be scared or cry when they went to preschool.

Seriously, what kind of fricking moron of a parent does this? "You'll probably cry your eyes out when Mommy LEAVES you ALL ALONE in the STRANGE ROOM with a lot of MEAN KIDS and BROKEN TOYS. And when you CRY, the teacher will BEAT YOU!"


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