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Friday, August 08, 2008

Debates I Don't Have (Yet)

Luke does not color a thousand pictures for me, nor glue mosaics or create clay masterpieces. I usually moan and sigh over this a bit because three and a half year olds are -supposed- to create art. I always thought that silly dancing and coloring would be easy ways to keep my child entertained.

There is a definite upside to my oh-so-right-brained kid, though. I have no box of important art that I need to save. Every art project I've seen him do has been haphazard at best and he's displayed no joy in the finished product. He may like DOING the project, but hanging it up? Deliberately saving and displaying it? Entirely unnescessary, no matter if I exclaim over it or not.

He did attend a Parent's Day Out (PDO) program and I thought he would create art in there that would need to be displayed. They did do weekly crafts, but each craft was so clearly assisted by a teacher that there was no point in saving it - he just played with the masks or puppets until they ripped and they got tossed.

With preschool two days a week (starting three very long weeks from now) I expect there will be more art starting, and perhaps some pride in it.

The Art Institute is definitely not on our list of museums to visit, where is the Math Institute?


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