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Monday, August 11, 2008

A Very Good Day

I was going to call this "A Pretty Good Day", but when I thought about it, I had to reassess. Really, if every day was like this my house would be more organized, my errands would be done, and I would weigh 25 pounds less.

We managed to make it to the gym, where I ran 2.25 miles, and the kids played with friends in the child center. Then we went out to the pool (at the gym) and played, following that with lunch and light bulb purchases at IKEA. (Note: two light bulbs, specially made for IKEA, cost more than the sconce from IKEA. I smell racket.) We headed home, where Courtney napped and Luke and I cleaned house, watched TV, and played War (the card game). Guess who did what on the cleaning/watching part!

Insanely, we headed to the grocery store at 5 PM, with Luke going potty before we left - AND HE POOPED ON THE POTTY!! Shopping took until 6:30 PM and was by far the most stressful part of our day. But I managed to save 39% on the grocery bill and get almost all of what I needed. And they gave me a free Starbucks coupon! Yay! Coffee I NEVER pay for, for FREE!

Home again, eating dinner (all three of us staaarving) and the kids are watching a Spanish video and goofing off in the basement before bedtime. The dog did throw up, but she did so on the kitchen floor, not carpet, and all I could say was "Thank you, Snow."

A very good day, really.


Blogger ShellyBlake said...

I love it when a good day can include a pet throwing up - but totally agree - if it has to happen, please let it be on the tile or wood floor & not the carpet!
Congrats on a good day!

11:36 AM  

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