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Friday, August 01, 2008


I am trying to figure out what classes and sports Luke and Courtney should take this fall, and the options are about making my head explode. I'm not at all an 'overscheduling' mama, or a 'Type A', competitive mama, but I can see how easy people could get sucked into that attitude. There are SO many options, and some of them sound so good and so fun. I would love to take gymnastics myself!

Ooh, and this exploration class about a different topic each week! One week is dinosaurs! Luke would love that.

And the foreign language classes - I wish I had started a foreign language when I was young, it would be awesome to be fluent.

Same thing with sports! Maybe I could have gotten a college scholarship if I had played one sport all the way through! Maybe I'd be THIN now! What should Luke play that will insure him health, happiness, and save us thousands of dollars of college tuition??

And so I have to remind myself to PUT DOWN THE CRACK PIPE, he's THREE. (and a half). The language classes are prohibitively expensive ($1300 for 90 minutes one day a week from Sept-May. We're already paying about that for preschool!) so instead, I went to the library and picked up a 'Spanish for Kids' DVD. I started talking to Luke about saying colors in Spanish and he eagerly jumped into question mode - "How do you say cat in spanish?" "How do you say people in Spanish?" "How do you say baby in Spanish?"

Did I mention I took German?

I told him I didn't know the answers to his questions and that the show would tell him how to say things in Spanish.

Naturally, he refused to watch it.

He also expressed a great deal of interest in playing basketball. DADDY IS 5'7", KID. THERE ARE NO SCHOLARSHIPS FOR YOU.


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