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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Get out the scissors

There's a large-ish trend towards letting little boys hair grow long(er) these days. Isabel's Babboo has longer hair, and Noah just got his hair chopped. In "real" life, I have a friend with two little boys with longer hair, and we met one boy in our gymnastic class that we actually thought was a girl due to his below shoulder length mass of curls.

Generally, I don't care what you do to your kids head. I don't even care what my kids will want to do to their heads (on this point, Esposo and I disagree. I say, if they're good kids and they want a mohawk or purple hair, fine. He thinks they will become 'burnouts' or some such thing). But pay attention when you're growing a preschoolers hair long. There's a point you may need to cut it.

We headed to the library and were sitting at the puzzle table when a child about Luke's age with shoulder length blonde hair came up and sat by us to do puzzles. I didn't much notice, and nor did Luke, because he's an antisocial little jerk when it comes to meeting new kids.

First thing out of the kid's mouth? "I'm a boy."

Cut that child's hair - he has to CLARIFY HIS GENDER before he says his name! That's just wrong.


Blogger Isabel said...

Yeah, time to get his hair cut.

I won't admit it on my blog, but The King and I are kicking ourselves for not cutting Babboo's hair a long time ago. We let it get WAY too long. We look back at the pictures and shudder.

(Oh, and The King has a friend whose parents wouldn't let him do anything with his hair back in high school. He colored it blue once and his parents FREAKED. They told him if he would go back to his natural color they would sign permission for him to get a tattoo. DUDE! How is blue hair worse then a tattoo? He is now covered with tattoos and bald! Perfect!)

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