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Friday, October 14, 2005

It's a Cookbook!! It's a Cookbook!!

I can explain how disturbed I am by the idea that people might think I actually liked John Stamos (which, uh, sorry John, but yeah, Uncle Jesse didn't do it for me. Supid 'Have Mercy' catch phrase? Mullet? No.)

There is a quiz associated with the 80's heartthrob thing. I took the quiz and it matched me up with John Stamos. Which is sad, because ew.

So, to clarify, I DO NOT LIKE JOHN STAMOS.

I feel like someone's going to pop out with "The lady doth protest too much" soon. But seriously, NO STAMOS.


Blogger Amanda said...

Don't worry, I've NEVER pegged you for the "Uncle Jesse-lovin'" type...

7:49 AM  

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