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Monday, October 10, 2005


I love gossip. Okay, maybe I don't actually love gossip as in 'the spreading of rumors and half truths about people', but I love gossip as in 'knowing what people that you knew at one point in your life are up to'. Because while people in an instant of time are interesting, knowing life stories, even just touching in on them here and there, it's a novel.

In the movie 'Defending You Life' (God knows why that movie has stuck with me) the characters sit down and watch their lives. If I could sit down and watch people's lives, I would. I would be addicted to it. In some ways I enjoy being a voyeur to other people's lives more than I want to do the things they are doing.

If I have ever known you, I am inherently interested in what you are doing. And not in a 'I hope your toenails fall off due to a strange fungal disease' kind of way, for anyone. Admittedly, there are one or two people that I feel I should be doing 'better than' at all times, defined how I want to define it. Which is pretty close to where I am now, because I'm happy where I am now.

Except for the home remodel thing, because I thought I'd be able to be patient as we spent thirty years, or 5 or 10 years slowly remodeling our older home to exactly what we want. Guess what? Not patient. Hate sliding glass door. Hate lanscaping and evil spreading plant that will not die. Hate bushes that look like mushrooms (I chainsawed one out this weekend... HA!)... see, not patient.

What was my point? Oh yeah, happy where I am! But, I want to know what everyone else is doing. Because it's interesting. And for most people, I don't need day to day accounts, but engaged, married, out of work, president of the company, babies, houses, you know, your basic reunion conversations. I loves em.


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