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Friday, November 04, 2005

Why Esposo, why??

Some of you may be wondering why I refer to my husband as Esposo. Probably not, but I'm going to assume you said Yes! Yes I am! Tell me Elisette, please do tell me! (And why I go by Elisette, I will leave for another day, for no, that is not my name.)

Let's see if I can drag this story out a little more, because it's really not that long or good... so, we're in Spain for our honeymoon. In Spain? They speak Spanish! I? Know little to no Spanish. Donde esta, No me toces, El Gato, Mio, these are my random bits of Spanish.

Esposo? He took Spanish in high school. It would all come back to him in Spain! Hmph. It did not. He did not use much of his Spanish. What he did use, was shaking his fist at me in 'anger' and saying menacingly ESPOSA! (Honeymoon, see? We were MARRIED!)

And thus I learned to come back with ESPOSO!! fairly quickly.

That and "six feet to the left, six feet to the right, bullseye" is one of our inside 'jokes'. If you're free and liberal with your definition of joke.


Blogger Cmommy said...

Yes, Eli, I actually was wondering "Why Esposo?". Now, you must share the origins of your username! How clever of you and why didn't I think to use a pseudonym?! Did I learn nothing from Kramer on Seinfeld?????! C

12:22 AM  

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