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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Pregnant vs New Baby

I was reading another blog, and I just had a flashback!

When I was pregnant and waddling around everywhere with a big ol' baby belly and big ol' everything else, because 50 pounds can not only in one's belly go, people were so polite. Here I was carrying new life inside me, of COURSE they'll stop for me in the crosswalk, and hold the door open, even carry my bags for me. Ah, the blessings of being a pregnant woman (there are curses, too!)

After I had Luke and when he was small, I would lug him out in his convertible car seat and suddenly? The door holding and stopping and bag carrying was withdrawn. Okay, occasionally some people did those things, but the overall concern for my wellbeing dwindled significantly. The baby was living independently, and apparently, now I had to, too.

And honestly, I would have WAY preferred someone holding the door or carrying my bags when I was lugging a 10 pound infant + carrier in and out of my car and stores. It was WAY more awkward with the carrier.

In breaking news, I have finally learned how to spell significantly without thinking about it. And independent. This blog has really been useful in honing my spelling skills.


Blogger Corinne said...

Heck yes I'd prefer the help after the baby than before. Granted, it's nice, but some people go too far in accomodating a pregnant lady. Take for instance my father-in-law, who feels the need to hold my elbow everywhere we go, like I need help or something.

8:56 PM  

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