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Friday, January 20, 2006

It's Thrilling, Really

In several stunning moves, and with diligent brick-wall-head-bashing on my part, which you were witness to over the past weeks, the pile of projects on my desk has been reduced to six. Siiiiiix.

Two of those are extremely near completion.

Four projects on my desk is extremely manageable and not nearly as annoying as ten or whatever I had on my desk before the holidays. And several of the non-near-completion projects have advanced well towards completion. Also a very nice feeling.

I was feeling high from the scent of success in the air, and used MS Project to map out our work plan for the year. I love the MS Project. Planning when things should happen and how to get things done is a drug for me. Unfortunately, I hate the middle part, you know, the DOING. Can I just swoop in at the end and close everything out?

So, I've been almost enjoying work this week, and that made me think (which should make you sad). My determination is that I am, essentially, a work manic depressive. I get very excited, one might say overly excited, about closing out projects and moving forward. It makes me giddy. I also get giddy about starting some new projects (others make me sad and I hide under my desk when they try to hand me those).

We're in a manic phase right now. I'm sure when I hit a brick wall and my boss is doing nothing to motivate me or even notices me, I'll be back to sobbing loudly at my desk, in the bathroom, in meetings, etc. And hitting a few people. I'd just like to clothesline them, is that okay?


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