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Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Next Marriage Adventure

Crossing lines follows... siblings and mothers should not read.

Okay, it was discussed at some point that in "May" Esposo and I would start 'trying'. Which has been rolling around in my head for quite awhile, 'trying'. It's such a stupid term, but so ubiquitous, that there's no getting away from it, 'trying'.

I think I prefer Intentional Sex. IS, for short. We's gonna get us some IS! Word! Could anything make you feel less like jumping in the sack, the idea that you're doing this for some sort of purpose rather than merely because "Hey! Sex!"

But, honestly, the first little rugrat, who was conceived accidentally during the seventh month of our marriage when sex was something we did during commercial breaks, between meal courses, and upon stumbling in the door drunk, has put a cease to the party antics of the wee heady days of our marriage. Most of the time we're just 'trying' to catch up on sleep now.

I know, we're a lucky couple to have each other!

And the point is? Holy Crap, it's May NOW.


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