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Friday, May 05, 2006

Big Boy

Next week Luke moves up to the toddler room "officially". He'll be there full time and the kid is beyond ready for this! He's been transitioning for a couple months, and even resists heading into the infant room because, well, he's bored there. One teacher told me that early this week he spent part of the day wandering in a circle, not playing with anything. But the state mandates that children in day care centers be in a ratio of four babies to one adult until 15 months of age, so even though I'd sign a waiver to get him into a lower teacher/child ratio, that's not allowed. He could only go to the toddler room when there were less children.

I'm excited about this move for a couple reasons, and honestly, one of them is financial! The toddler room costs a decent dinner out less than the infant room each week. EACH week. Not that we'll be eating out each week - we're really not big on eating out - but it will slip into our pockets and head towards to student loan bill we now have to pay off.


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