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Friday, May 05, 2006


Yes, this is about that damn transition again. Now that we're coming to the end of this stage of our lives, you know, the money-sucking school stage, our marriage seems calmer. We seem to be happier to be around each other and reverting more to our old annoying (to others) ways. Relationships are, shall we say, "difficult", which is why there are thousands upon thousands of people who make money from the management of relationships - from the dating sites to the divorce lawyers. I think the strongest relationships are the ones where people admit that things are never going to be perfect, but they're in this damn relationship for a reason and they'll remember it later, just put the goddamn lid down! (Guess what! In our house, it's ME that doesn't put the lid down so the cats can't drink from the toilet!)

Esposo and I had an argument last night. I don't think I can do justice to the stupidity of the argument, but I was ready to push him out the car door. Essentially, he claims I use too many pronouns in telling a story. And then he just -wouldn't- -let- -it- -die-. At one point we made an agreement on if I didn't use pronouns and he didn't do something else which I already forgot...

This morning I took the garbage out, which was like a head on clash of annoyances. It annoys me that when he puts the garbage out each week, he doesn't go through the house and collect garbage from all the garbage cans. I expect that on Fridays, when trash is at the curb, ALL the garbage will be in the trash can. Then I can start the next week trash free!

And when I take out the trash, which, as I said, I did this morning because I have found that he won't, I use the kitchen trash bag to collect all the garbage. 85-90% of the time I don't replace the bag after taking out the house trash (because I'm taking out the trash from the WHOLE HOUSE, and invariably I get distracted before putting the next bag in), and when Esposo found this out after cracking his eggs for breakfast, his rolled eyes and pained expression said it all.

It's like a game, trumping annoyance with annoyance.

Me: Taking off my socks in bed
Him: Leaving 2-3 empty glasses by the computer
Me: Freaking out about the house needing to be cleaned NOW RIGHT NOW DEAR GOD NOW
Him: Turning on every light in the house and leaving them on even when he's not only not in that room, he's nowhere near that part of the house!
Me: Talking to him during The Simpsons and Howard Stern (which he listens to on his computer and usually I can't even tell it's on.
Him: Playing Grand Theft Auto EVERY DAMN DAY


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