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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Who did what in the where now?

Much fun was had in Sacramento! Seriously, it was great to be out of Chicago, because while I love this city, this place, my house, my family, every now and then I need to LEAVE to remember that this is not all there is in the great wide world. There are places with mountains! And suspension bridges! And 27 thousand lane highways! Seriously, California, what is UP with that?

We drugged our kid and he survived the plane ride well. We drugged him! With the Benedryl! It rocked. Except he was still 23 pounds of sweaty sleeping baby. Man, that kid sweats like ... like ... a really sweaty person on a hot day. (My similes are lacking. I should look me up some Blanche Devereux quotes...)

We toured the Jelly Belly factory and Luke loves the jelly beans now. I just can't figure that out - a kid? Loving sugar? Crazy ass shit, man.

Now it is FOUR days until Esposo starts his job and FIFTY until I quit. And like eleven until I tell my boss that I am quitting. I need more countdowns, you know.

And now, commentary from Luke:


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