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Thursday, May 11, 2006

It Angers Me

So, I spend a lot of time on the internet - or as I prefer to call it, The Sweet Sweet Internet of Love. I use Yahoo! for all my email purposes. I know there is such a thing as gmail and people profess their love loud and long for the gmail, but it annoys me when people change their email addresses all flippantly, and I will not leave my email addresses. I've had them for over five years and they get email from all kinds of people at all different points in my life. I like that consistency. My address, my phone numbers, my place of employment, people can't keep up with those. It's sad, really, I've been working here over two and a half years and people are still asking me where I work. And a few months ago a friend figured out that I moved a year and a half ago. People REALLY can't keep up.

But Yahoo! insists on pissing me off, by doing things like updating their home page layout, which just confuses the crap out of me for WEEKS and dude JUST LEAVE IT ALONE. When it comes to the SSIL (Sweet Sweet Internet of Love, incase acronyms are not your thing) I like my Yahoo! Homepage to be my bedrock in a tumultuous world.

Also, Yahoo! likes to tell me that I have New Mail (1) when in fact I have already READ that new mail and it is in fact old mail. Yahoo! screws with me. It gets my hopes up for new mail when in fact there is none.

Yahoo! is a tease.


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